Yuzuriha Nekoi : Clamp’s X/1999


Yaya had been looking for art for her character Hinoto and sent me many pages of Clamp art to peruse. I knew I had wanted to do one as well for a while, the art being so beautiful. I felt Yuzuriha was an appropriate choice, no only because of the tarot art, but because I felt she was something I could seriously identify with.


This costume is one of my favorites. I had a great time making all of the pieces.

Two kimonos were created using an altered Folkwear pattern, the arms being threaded with gold cording through many buttonholes.

The wig was purchased. Yaya cut and styled it accurately. Ribbon for the forehead was trimmed with gold cord and bells. The necklace was a combo of hand-painted wooden beads and hand-sculpted comma-shaped beads. The arm gauntlets are made from red stain opera length gloves trimmed and sewn. The shoes are asian-type sandals trimmed with gold cord and hand-sculpted comma-shaped beads.

The obi is oversized and is made in two pieces. The band being velcroed in the back with the bow being attached afterwards. The obi is completely hand-painted matching the pattern on the drawing as accurately as possible. The white satin cord is tied on in a triple square-knot. Red satin is tucked and sewn into the top for color. A rectangle of patterned bridal satin is sewn into a fan shape and embellished with a handmade emblem. The emblem is made from 2 sets of satin frog closures, painted with champagne metallic paint, hand sewn together with a marbled stone button in the center. The tassel is attached with another marbled stone button.

  • Thanks to Meg for allowing me to borrow various authentic Japanese undergarments and tabi socks.
  • Thanks to Yaya for the gift of the white crepe back satin for my birthday, helping with the wig, and for the sculpting of several large beads.
  • Thanks to Melissa, Millie and Yaya for help in hand-painting the uber-large obi.


KatsuCon 2002: Best of Friday Hall Costume


Character courtesy of Clamp


KatsuCon 2002 photos courtesy of Anna-Neko, Dave “Boots” and Kevin Lillard of Fansview.com

Modeled photoshoot of Hanime and Yaya Han courtesy of Maboroshi of RisingSun.net


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