Sphinx’s Daughter : Unico


Several friends suggested that I do this costume, since they were doing other characters from the Unico films. She fit my personality and of course, I have natural fangs, so I had to create her.


Wig – created from 4 large bright blue feather boas glued onto a hood that was made to attach to the body suit.
Bodysuit – made from a 4-way stretch, lightweight faux suede material and zips up the back. Legs flare out.
Tail – matches the bodysuit and the wig in materials.
Paws – Mittens and Slippers covered to match bodysuit. Brown yarn used for the accents.


Character courtesy of Xxxx. Screenshots courtesy of Fujikoma’s Unico Tribute Page


Animazement 2001 Convention photos courtesy of Jason Martin

AWA 2001 Convention photos courtesy of Jason Martin and MappyMan



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