Nico : Jade Cocoon II


A friend had seen the Jade Cocoon II illustrations when they were first released in the US. He emailed me and laughed at how much the character really looked like me. hehe! In late 2001, Yaya also emailed me the same pics and reiterated the same sentiment. You have to do this costume!! She is YOU! So I saw how easy it was and went at it.


This costume is very simple in construction. Bright yellow fleece was used for the dress, hat and slippers. Bright orange sparkly dance spandex for the hat and wings. White beasty fur for the fluff. A very simple summer dress pattern was used. For the Hat and the Collar, I looked at existing patterns and created my own. I covered slippers for the shoes. Bells, silk poinsettia petals and feathers were added as finishing touches for the costume.


Reference courtesy of


Photoshoot by Meg Hanson

KatsuCon 2002 Convention photos courtesy of Yaya Han, Dave “Boots” and Kevin Lillard


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