Lynx : Studio IronCat


The call for entries for the 2001 IronCat Cat Girl Calendar went out and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I collaborated with artist Doug Smith, an IronCat employee at the time, to design a unique kitty girl costume for me. We came up with the idea of a Lynx, so I set about researching the big cat.


Since I was growing out my bleached blond hair at the time, we incorporated it into the original design. I created a headband with kitty ears and white furry tufts on the top and sides to resemble the lynx.

The body suit is made from a spotted faux fur with white furry accents and leather lacing up the front. I made a small bobbed tail and paws with acrylic nails. The feet are covered slippers with white furry trim.


Illustration courtesy of Doug Smith. Photos courtesy of wikipedia Canada Lynx entry.


Photoshoot courtesy of Brian Stelfreeze at Gaijin Studios, Atlanta, GA

KatsuCon 2002 Convention photos courtesy of various unknown photographers

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