Femme Akuma : Street Fighter


Akuma has always been my favorite Street Fighter character. When the chance to cosplay a Femme version came along, I certainly did not pass it up! Lindze originally came up with idea after seeing the art from Fred Perry. With Lindze as Ryu, H-chan as Ken and myself as Akuma, we had a blast cosplaying together. By far, this is one of the easiest and most comfortable costumes I own. I love it!


The hand-guards are made from thin upholstery foam covered in black stretch material. The wig is a “Diablo” wig with horns removed and matching top-knot tie added. The belt is upholstery cording, that is tied off and frayed.

The necklace was fashioned Styrofoam balls that were gessoed, then painted with metallic copper craft paint. I recreated the Japanese character in Illustrator and printed it on label-stock paper. After trimming and adhering the character to one of the painted balls, I sealed the balls in a gloss clear-coat. I pierced holes and threaded elastic cording to string the over-sized beads, tying them off.

The karate-gi was one of my old, worn-out karate-gis from my shotokan karate days. I dyed it a grey-blue with RIT dyes. I distressed the fabric by washing several times after cutting off the sleeves of the top and lower legs of the pants. The recreated Japanese character was used as a template for the red applique.

The tank-top is a purchased black tank-top, that is cut off and frayed. The Japanese character was used again as a template for the red applique.


Main art by Capcom. Femme Street Fighter characters by Fred Perry


Photoshoot by Jason Martin

Animazement 2001 photos courtesy of various photographers


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