Eiko Carol : Final Fantasy IX


Before FFIX ever came to the U.S., Lindze and I were pouring over the new art from Japan in the gaming mags. She was very intent on doing Princess Garnet and I wanted to cosplay with her. Eiko was the natural choice since I am so little. Lindze finished, wore, and sold hers before I ever finished mine… but I think it was worth the wait. This is one of my favorite costumes. When I am in Eiko, I feel I truly am Eiko.


This costume was very difficult in planning and creation. I spent a lot of time just trying to decide on contrasting fabrics for texture.

The 2 toned wig and a third color of hair extensions were purchased. I commissioned Yaya to create the wig and horn. The bow was made of yellow vinyl and sewn in. Earrings were handmade with beads and wire.

The body suit was made from pink lightweight spandex with the dark purple socks sewn into place… also installed my first invisible zipper successfully! I used a standard body suit pattern. Red shirt/gloves was made from interlock knit material and canvas workman gloves. I used a woman’s sweater pattern as reference. This is all one piece with gloves included. Wings shown here are iridescent white material sewn with batting and wired for stability. They insert into the red shirt via slots sewn into place. Wings presented at KatsuCon 2002 which contained glowing lighting, are made from white turkey feathers on a wire base, and attached to a harness of plastic and wide elastic. Belt is a purchased military pistol belt painted yellow and silver.

The perfect boots were purchased from a local thrift store. Boots covers were made freehand, of white pleather, wired for stability and sewn into place with silver button covers as accents. I have to wear white loose socks and two other pairs to keep them on since I bought the boots very large for accuracy. Pants cuffs are black pleather with silver button covers as accents, and tie on underneath the yellow jumpsuit.

The yellow jumpsuit, my favorite part of this costume, was the absolute hardest part to make. There was no pattern used. It is made of yellow tablecloth vinyl, sewn with gray thread. My reference was very detailed and accurate, so each placement of the buckles, d-rings and clips are in place. The pants clip to the bodice for easy removal and buckles in the back for tight placement of the bodice. The belts, buckles, tabs, belt loops are all hand done and sewn into place on the right pant leg. Sixty-four grommets were hand hammered and laced with black leather strips. The pants are lined with satin and stuffed with batting to give the proper poofiness.

The Moogle was completely handmade by me and is a functional backpack as well. It was made as a gift for Yaya for her FFX Lulu costume. The flute used in the KatsuCon 2002 cosplay was a cool branch found in JoAnn\’s, repainted with copper and black metallic paint. I used silk leaves from other plants, painted them with metallic paint and glitter, and glued them into place. It was laced with hemp string. Thanks to Yaya Han for the wig, horn and feather wing creation and Brian Boling for the wiring and lighting effects on the feather wings used in the KatsuCon 2002 cosplay.


Best Workmanship : Master Division at KatsuCon 2002 (shared with Yaya Han)


The Art of Final Fantasy IX by Squaresoft


Photoshoot by Meg Hanson

KatsuCon 2002 Convention photos courtesy of Ollie, Kevin Lillard, Anna-Neko and Dave “Boots”


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