Silicon Val : Danger Girl


While looking for an easy hall costume to create, Lindze mentioned that she and her friends were wearing their Danger Girl costumes again. She pointed out that I looked alot like Silicon Valerie at the time. Knowing I could pull this costume together pretty quickly, I went for it.


The hair and glasses are my normal everyday style. Store bought pieces are the boots, camo pants, military webbing belt, white t-shirt, vest and backpack. I placed a cardboard box inside the backpack to fill it out. I found an old headset and ran its wiring to the backpack. I machine embroidered Silicon Val’s name onto the name tag on the vest. The strap-on leg computer system was created from an old broken keyboard, craft foam, vinyl and velcro. The keyboard actually spells out Danger Girl.


Art by J Scott Campbell


Dragon*Con 2001


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