Nanaka Nakatomi : Mahou Tsukai Tai


The first costume I have ever built! When I was looking for interesting costumes to create for my first ‘cosplaycon’ I ran across Nanaka and Mahou Tsukai Tai in a random anime magazine. I rented some videos to check it out and thought the series was pretty cute ^__^ Nanaka stood out to me and I liked her personality. In the future, I’d seriously consider Sae, as I feel like she fits my personality better.


Wand – The emblem recreated and colored in Illustrator. It was printed on label stock and adhered to gatorboard, then cut into shape. Paperclay was utilized in creating the shapes below the wand-head. A wooden dowel and other wooden pieces round out the rest of the wand with acrylic jewels attached to the end. Everything was painted and sealed.

Hat/Wig – A base of plastic needlepoint canvas was created in the shape of the hat. Duplicate shapes done in matte satins cover the hat. Wig is store-bought.

Gloves/Stocking – Store-bought and dyed yellow to match. White stain cuffs are attached to the gloves.

Shoes – Store-bought black ankle boots with a front opening, cut down to shape. Covered in matte satin.

Cape/Top/Skirt – Created in yellow and black matte duchess satins. Skirt and top from altered patterns. Cape is layered and appliqued with the circle, star and symbol.

Thanks to Heather Martin on the construction of some of the costume pieces.


AWA 2000 Craftsmanship Honorable Mention, shared with Heather Martin


Reference courtesy of Mahou Tsukai Tai! Art Book


AWA 2000 Convention photos courtesy of Kevin Lillard of

Modeled photoshoot of Yaya Han courtesy of Maboroshi of


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