Momo Karuizawa : Rival Schools Project Justice


I was watching Lindze, Brad and Jason playing RS2 when it first came out. Lindze suggested I do a character and Momo tickled my fancy. At AWA01 we decided to do a RS2 group, so I busted tail working on her. The more I worked on this costume the more I loved it. I had a blast especially making the tennis racket and case. It is very easy getting into her character, since, once again, I am portraying a child. hehe… This costume was more work than anyone could have imagined.


The tennis dress is three different patterns for cheerleaders and majorette modified together. It is made out of 2 layers of heavy cotton poplin for opacity-sake. I used pink pleather for all of her pink areas *very difficult to sew >__<* Wrist cuffs are terry cloth. Harness is cotton belt strapping sewn together and closes with a clasp. Thigh-highs are tights cut down and hand-painted stripes. Tennis racket is meticulously padded and covered in pleather, pom-poms and spray painted white with a red heart. The racket cover is also handmade from pink pleather with white piping accents and a red felt heart. Wig is a black bob with homemade ponyfalls, ribbons and bows.


Most Cute – Anime Weekend Atlanta 2001


Reference courtesy of Capcom


AWA01 Convention photos courtesy of Jason Martin, Danny Hong, Kevin Lillard, and PhoenixTear


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