Word got around about other cosplayers doing ‘Fetish Disney’ costumes and I snapped up Cinderella, as she was the only one that called to me. I really enjoyed the response to this costume. I wore it several other times for Halloween.


Wig – Purchased from Jin’s Wigs on Auburn Ave. in Atlanta. I was so surprised to walk in and see exactly the wig I needed, styled exactly as I needed! I wound matching ribbons and silk flowers into the back of the wig for some interest.

Headband – I purchased a padded satin headband from a wedding store and covered it in matching crepe-back satin from the dress. Giant costume jewelry clip on earrings were glued to the ends of the covered headband.

Bodice – Purchased white lingerie bodice with clear blue vinyl panels sewn on, the upper edge trimmed in lace. Sleeve caps are crepe-back stain covered in blue vinyl, trimmed in white vinyl piping.

Skirt – Clear blue vinyl sewn together with wired piping using a ballgown skirt pattern. A waist band of two layers of 2” nylon belting with a heavy plastic clasp combine to attach the skirt and side poofs together.

Accessories – Satin opera length gloves, box purse, lacey bloomers and garters, thigh-highs, clear acrylic high-heeled shoes, all purchased from various places.


Reference courtesy of Walt Disney


Photoshoot courtesy of Dragon*Con official masquerade photographers

Dragon*Con 2002 Convention photos courtesy of various unknown photographers


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