Buchi : Animal Magnetism


The first thing that I thought when I saw this character was “Wow! This looks like my kitty, Calvin!” and then I thought… this would be a great character to do as my first crossplay. I love how simple the design is, with the details making it a dramatic costume. This is definitely one of my favorite costumes because you can really be the “Bad Kitty” in this…


I created this costume by picking store-bought patterns and altering them to match the design. The Coat, Pants and Tail are made from upholstery weight, low-pile furs in black and white. All of the black spots are satin-stitched on as appliques. The gloves are hand-made from a spotted low-pile fur.

The wig was a specially ordered item. I attached a large swatch of black hair to the front by hand sewing strips of it in place. The ears are also sewn into the wig. The collar, leash and belt are large heavy duty nylon dog collars that I purchased. The bell was painted and attached. I usually wear a black bikini top with this costume along with platform combat boots. For the most part, it is comfortable… except that it is a very warm costume.


Best of Weekend KatsuCon 2001 (award shared with Lindze Merritt)


Reference courtesy of Gainax



Convention photos courtesy of Kevin Lillard and various others



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