About Cat

Facts and Figures

Name: Cathlyn

Cat, Cats, Kitty, KittyCat, KitCat

Astrological Signs:
Scorpio / Rooster

Height: 5' 3"

Residency: Atlanta, Georgia

Passions and Hobbies:
Sewing, Costumes, Knitting, Reading, VW, Cats and Dogs, Theatre, Movies, Roller Derby, UK, Japan, Couture, Historic, Vintage and Retro Fashion, Sushi, Coffee


I grew up as an army brat, always moving. My mom taught me to sew and be creative when I was very little. I have since been very passionate about doing anything creative with my hands and mind. High School brought about the exposure to Graphic Design, which to this day, is my career. I spent my college years in Savannah, GA at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. I have had a very full career as a graphic designer and art director for the last 20 years.

Which brings me to my creative outlet... sewing and costume creation. Since I have been sewing since I was five, it has always been in my blood. I was seeking a way to express myself, while incorporating my love of problem solving, logical mathematical skills and art. An odd combo to say the least! By sewing and creating costumes, I fulfilled many of my cravings for knowledge and creativity. I have achieved a master level in cosplay by creating many costumes for myself and over 50 commissions. Accuracy and craftsmanship are my forte.

I live outside of Atlanta with my beautiful partner, Melissa, with our three cats (Hide, Suzy, and Pippa) and two dogs (Sasha and Abby)